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Do merchant have access to my wallet funds?
Do merchant have access to my wallet funds?

Your wallet security

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When making payments with BoomFi, merchants do not have access to the cryptocurrencies held in your wallet, regardless of whether it is a one-time payment, recurring payment, or invoice payment. BoomFi acts as a mediator that facilitates the transfer of cryptocurrencies from your wallet (sender) to the merchant's wallet (recipient) during the payment process.

Using BoomFi for payments is comparable to providing your card details to an online payment service provider and authorizing them to charge your card. However, you have more control over the payment process with BoomFi because you can revoke the permission at any time. This level of control is not possible with card payments, giving users added security and peace of mind when making transactions through BoomFi.

We do not recommend revoking permissions for any recurring payment setup as your future payments will fail.

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